Friday, May 15, 2009

Charleston No More!

Good Morning! Today is my last day of work in Charleston, IL and I am super excited about it! No more hour and ten minute drive to and from work anymore!! Let's just say the minute I walk out this door at 5 pm I will be jumping for joy! I don't think you truly understand how ecstatic I am about this, but I am OVERJOYED! Peace Out Charleston! Hello Champaign!

I am so looking forward to my new job. I will be the event coordinator for refinery! They host a lot of fancy weddings and it is actually where I am holding my reception. There are wall to wall maple floors, floor to ceiling windows, and a modern curvy bar! Just my style! Here's the website: I start on Monday and I can't wait!

Keegan has a big day tomorrow. He is testing to become a police officer! Wish him luck! We were studying last night. There are lots of math questions we couldn't remember how to figure out (thank god for google)! Like long division! Who does long division anymore? I mean really....I need a calculator for everything! Let's just say math isn't my strong suit.

Well I just wanted to give an update on our lives right now. The wedding is almost here and I'm starting to feel the heat! Only 14 more days! CRAZY!

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  1. Karly Your new job sounds sooo Exciting!! Are you two living in Champaign now?? That is sooo cool!