Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello! And welcome to the New Life of Kee and Kar! Well, it's official Keegan and I are getting married in 20 days! WOW! Time has gone by so fast. It feels like we have been waiting so long for this day and suddenly it is almost here! I should probably start crying now so in 20 days my body will no longer be able to produce tears! Haha.

Planning is going well, just a few minor details left: arranging the seating chart, making the placecards, and other decorations. I couldn't have done it without my Moma! We truly make the best team ever!

Stay tuned for wedding festivities, pictures, and more!

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  1. Hey!!!!! Wow I can't believe your big day is almost here!! I remember looking at possible dresses online with you almost a year ago!! Wow I bet your psyched.. I can't imagine having to wait that long!! I love the blog! I added you to my 'blogs i read list.' Woo Hoo!!
    P.s. Lola is super adorable!