Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Steals and Deals!

My Mom and I went to St. Joe today to check out their antique stores. I had heard from several people that they had a good selection. I was on the hunt for a antique buffet table for under $200. I didn't find a buffet table, instead I did found this adorable little china cabinet! Best of all it was only $125!! A STEAL! It is painted black which is fine because I want to paint it a lime green or white to go in our new kitchen. I think my kate spade china with look fab in it!

My second find is this cute light aqua peonie flower tea light holder. I think I am going to put it in one of our bathrooms in the new house. I love the color. It was $21 from a store in Champaign called Checkered Moon. It isn't antique however.

My third find is this super cute mini Lola dog! It's a ceramic little schnauzer and it just happened to be grey. I had to buy it! It was too perfect, plus it was only $8. It makes me smile just like Lola.

And last but not least I found this antique yellow vase that goes perfectly with my yellow fiesta ware! It was only $7 and I love it!
My plan is to put these vintage finds with modern decor. I love how unique each of these pieces are. You know how I don't like the "norm"! I can't wait to move into our new house so I can find a home for everything and show you the finished project!

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